Diamond Pages Empire Records (DPERecords) is an outfit for expression of art by individuals who are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. As a collaborative decision between the artists and administrators with passion to shape culture, we are bonded by ties of family than any other. Quality in what we do is a standard which we are not willing to compromise alongside contents that are worthy to be ascribed to the KING we represent in a culture that is ever changing. 

DPERecords is a registered company with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission. Our major areas of operation are Music Production, Entertainment Services and Film Production Services. 

DPERecords has experienced, talented and award-winning, artists, producers and executives. Projects produced by these God gifted talented individuals have topped charts and earned nominations for awards. Our artists are Aizek, Vblaiz, Haye Frama, Yomi Olalude, Streetz Dung, Bamvi and HBR Squad

Aizek, Vblaiz, Haye Frama, Yomi Olalude and Streetz Dung are Hip Hop recording artists, Bamvi is a Poet, and HBR Squad comprises of all the artists under the label.

DPERecords has six projects, three cypher videos, musical videos and several other singles making waves within Jos and environs. Our artists have performed in Jos, Kaduna, Abuja, Keffi, Lafia, Yola, Makurdi and Warri. We have also had our artists featured on different TV and Radio shows. 


OUR MANTRA 10:17 is based on Romans 10:17. This verse has become the label’s watch verse. From this verse we believe that people must hear the Gospel, believe it, before they are redeemed. This can be seen clearly from Romans 10:14-17. Thus, we coined the mantra Heard | Believed | Redeemed. We also believe that we are trusted stewards to take the Good news to a neglected context — the ever-changing culture of urban life. 


To be reckoned with globally as a producer and promoter of various talents that point people towards Christ


To advance the Kingdom of God through production and promotion of top notch entertainment hinged on godly values.