Isaac Hanokam Hassan

An indigene of Adamawa state, Aizek grew up in the city of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. He was introduced to the Christian Hip Hop Culture in 2007 and has been hooked ever since.  In 2007, Aizek co-founded Da’ BOARD, which consisted of Paul Samuel Yila, Nuhu Gaina (Stage One), and Fraze Digon, amongst others.  Though the group disbanded in 2010 for various reasons, it served as a platform to shape and direct future endeavours.

Aizek got saved at the age of 7, not too young to understand his need for a saviour after his father shared the salvation story. He not only displays a passion for the truth but proclaims it skilfully as well. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology under his belt, he released an 11-track mixtape in 2012 titled “Turn it Up” which has received much praise. He has released different singles and has been featured by different artistes. Along with being a burgeoning emcee, Aizek is also a songwriter and composer, showcasing lyrical expertise and depth.  His motivation to write and rap comes from a worldview that is shaped by God and the experiences that has shaped his life.

On the 21st of February, 2019 Aizek released an EP titled '2nd 2 One'. The 2nd 2 One EP is available in stores.

In addition to music, Aizek is also a graphic designer, video editor and an IT professional. 

We have a whole lot in store for you. Wait on them.